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Wildfire Productions: Glass Art Studio

Art Glass School and Production House specializing in glassblowing classes, wholesale glass, custom glass projects, and scientific repair in the Kootenays, BC

Wildfire Pro Glass
Needs Your Help!

It is time for us to spread our wings and find a new place to settle. As stewards of the Earth, we believe this is an opportunity for us to find a home/studio that we can truly invest in.  

This will be a big move and we need all the help we can get. Our goal is to stay connected to the community we have been building alongside for the past 10 years. We are dedicated to continuing to service our customers, as well as provide resource and a place of sanctuary for glass art expression.

Please show your support through donation:

Thank you!

Now Representing

tq logo_edited.jpg

Wildfire Pro Glass is proud to represent TruQuartz.  Located in Vancouver, BC, TruQuartz is Canada's leading company for the finest quartz bangers. Utilizing two layers of quality control and sourcing raw quartz material, their products are produced with the highest quality for the best pricing.

Join us as we explore the the people behind the passion for our glass community on our new live stream YouTube show. On this episode you will learn more about Wildfire and watch a flameworking demonstration showcasing our best selling Lucky Turtle Frit Spoon.

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