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Cremains in Glass

Keepsakes that last a lifetime

 Wildfire artists can help commemorate the passing of a loved one with Cremains in Glass. Using refined glassblowing techniques, we will capture a loved one's spirit in the magic of glass art. Wildfire has been honored to memorialize family members and provide treasured keepsakes that will last generations. 

How do I order?

Send an email with your ideas and color choices.  We have three basic shapes to choose from: 1. blown ornament 2. swirl pendant 3. vortex marble. We can then send you a quote and timeline.

What is the glass process?

The cremains are infused in the hot glass and incorporated in to the final shaping. This produces small bubbles and bit of ash that can be seen encapsulated in the glass art. Creating a glass treasure to be enjoyed for generations!

How much ash do you need?

Usually just a ounce will cover most projects and anything unused will be returned.

Still have questions? Reach out today and a staff member will provide you with an answer soon.

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