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About the Studio and the Artists

Wildfire Productions Glass Art Studio was developed from a small torch to a full public studio by glass artists Brook Hoskins and Kristan Green. During the summer of 2012, Wildfire moved the entire shop 2000 miles to the inspiring and peaceful mountains of the Slocan Valley. In an attempt to provide for our artists we have expanded to 4 torch stations, many annealers, a glass lathe, coldworking equipment, an electric furnace, a glory hole and so much more.  With the help of a strong supporting group of locals, Wildfire is once again creating an open environment for beginning glassworkers.

Originally drawn to the flame of a torch, Brook D. Hoskins has spent 20 years exploring lampworking, fusing, casting, cold working and hot shop techniques, as well as building and maintaining equipment to continue to fuel his passion for glass. Believing that, “the synergistic environment of glassworkers builds an appreciation for community, which we need as artists to survive”, Hoskins’ first started teaching and mentoring in 2003. He has also received a grant from the Coleman Foundation in Chicago to build his first hot shop, was a judge for the prestigious Old Town Arts Festival, and has been a speaker for many schools, art councils and conferences. Hoskins’ work can be found represented across North America.


Kristan Green first started working glass almost 15 years ago and has been in love every since.

Recognized at the First Female Flameoff in Chicago and more recently placed third as “Best Glassblower” at the Canadian Cannabis Awards, as well as apart of Vancouver’s Glass Masters Event for the past three years, she is an active member of the Canadian borosilicate glass art world. Most lampworking is a solo artistic process, but Green’s experience in the hot shop feeds her excitement for large scale crossover collaboration. Kristan is currently working as Wildfire’s marketing and art show manager.

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