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Mobile Lampworking Demonstrations

Wildfire offers educational and contemporary lampworking demonstrations for homeschool and special interest groups.  Our artists will take the time to explain the glassworking process as they demonstrate some of the amazing qualities in glass in a safe and professional atmosphere.  Our discussions on glass history, chemistry, and the future of glass will make a lasting impression for all ages.

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Our artists are passionate about sharing their craft with others and have been teaching glassblowing and sculpting for nearly 25 years. We do not exchange the opportunity to sell product for demonstrations.  Although we appreciate this idea, we prefer to focus our attention on providing an amazing experience for our audience and promoters.

(exceptions for wholesale clients)

Half Day On-site Lampworking Demonstrations (up to 4 hours)

$500 + travel

Full Day On-site Lampworking Demonstrations (up to 8 hours)

$1000 + travel

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